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Hello Everyone from Red Barn Farm!

OOOOH, the shopping malls are so unpleasant at the moment, don’t you agree? I am avoiding them “like the plague”. The holidaymakers are arriving en force.

Red Barn hopes we can assist you with your shopping. Why not relax with a glass of wine and order online? We have so much to offer.

Our wonderful, smiley driver, GIBSON, has a new colleague, OBERT. He is also a driver AND a qualified mechanic! (going to be really helpful keeping all our vehicles and fridges running perfectly)

These SMILEY GUYS are going to deliver your orders, locally from PE to Mossel Bay. They will be on time and deliver right through the season, Red Barn Farm Drivers
. Order soon and meet them. They are… just totally delightful!

Get your order on the “Cluck Trucks”

I have decided to add everyone who has ever bought from us online to our mailing list.

The reason is, people keep asking me to add them in “drips n drabs”, then I forget!ย  OK, so I am going to add everyone. If you don’t want to see our newsletter for whatever reason.ย PLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE HERE, just this once, and our system will remember forever.ย  We HATE SPAM as much as you do so, please help us to get our current list updated! Thank you so much and sorry if we inconvenienced you in any way!

Have a wonderful week!
Lindy & the HAPPY team at Red Barn

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