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Welcome to our Free Range Farm Shop

I’m Lindy, the founder of Red Barn Free Range Farm Foods

Lindy Gordon-Brown

Red Barn Free Range Farm began operations in 2009, and has grown to become a household name in many of our local towns.  Our business is still tiny, but we supply the best totally free-range chicken & eggs, beef, pork, dairy and lamb that you will ever eat!

It goes without saying, that we do not use antibiotics, nor do we inject brine into our chickens.  Promoting ethical, humane, and sustainable farming is our goal.

Red Barn has grown to be so much #MoreThanJustChicken

We now buy in locally raised free-range beef, pork, lamb, a full range of dairy products and plenty of other locally made goodies.

You can choose to have your order delivered to your door from (PE to Cape Town) or you can visit our beautiful new farm shop (just near the George Airport)

The main focus is FARM to FORK and supporting our local artisan food producers and farmers

However, we have select shops in various areas that supply our goods, but our main focus is to supply you directly from our farm shop.

There are also some “Chicken Clubs” which are groups of customers ordering together monthly to share delivery costs. read more here

Our products

Our products are of the highest quality and we try to keep our prices low by cutting out the “middle man”.

Why not change to free range? You will be so glad you did!

Visit our farm shop in George, just near the airport.
Directions Here

See you soon, Lindy and the Red Barn Team.

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Our loyal customers have their say

Lindy and Jenny,

As you guys know I just think you are awesome. I have learnt in time its not only about having great quality products but also good consistent service.

Taking the effort to care for PEOPLE.

Organic business also means ORGANIC relationships and maintaining these on client side as well as supplier side is vital part of business. You guys have all this and you are consistent with it.

Moreover Lindy,

It’s hard to find a manager who loves your business and its relations the same way you do. So that when you step aside to travel a bit you know everything is being taken care of.  You have a real gem in Jenny as I feel she loves and cares about your business as much as you do.

You really are doing beautifully.

Over the years of dealing with Red Barn, I have come to really trust their products and the way they farm. Most importantly, I feel that through the weekly communication, I am part of the Red Barn family!

Dearest Lindy and Filip, I have for many years so enjoyed being one of your customers.

Fresh, organic, free range, high quality food is not only palatable but so supportive of health and well being.  My dog Wrolf, and cat Tabby also love your beef and chicken pet mince which I give them raw for breakfast.

It is on my never ending list To Do list to come and visit you both, and the farm – when will your coffee shop open? Blessings for ever on your good work.

I have been dealing with Red Barn for years and I can only praise Filip, Lindy, Jenny, Gibson and all the rest of the staff we never meet.

Congratulations on a great job.

You are one of the few reliable, honest and of course pleasant businesses in George.

Dear Red Barn,

Our family absolutely love your chicken, there is nothing like it elsewhere.

Even though we are in Rondebosch, your produce is worth the wait! We are so glad we know about you. Keep the magic happening. Lyn

It all started slowly (as all good things seem to do in life),

Over the last few years it has developed, slowly, into a non-negotiable Friday 11 am coffee/green milkshake treat every week for old and new friends , meeting at The Roost, Old Nick, Plett for a catchup on life.

(We’re all sooo busy) and to wait for the magic noon hour delivery of the Red Barn truck!! 

Nobody could imagine how important this  date is, nor how grateful we are to have met Filip, and now Gibson, who delivers the orders magically grown, sourced and packed by a team which must surely be The Best In The World!!!

Because this happens so far away, the team doesn’t get the hugs and accolades the drivers enjoy so,

FODUX would like officially to thank and appreciate the George contingent for all their exhausting efforts, early hours into late nights, always with tangible happiness for us to feast on, enjoy and share!


We visited the farmshop last weekend and was really impressed with the range and quality of products.

The farmer Lindy was there and told me all about how they look after their chickens and the trouble they go to to ensure that the end products are as safe and healthy as possible.

I love everything about Red Barn.

Their amazing quality. The people and service. Regular specials weekly, and most importantly the way they farm.

Thank you Red Barn for farming the way farming should be done!!!!

We ordered for the first time from Red Barn.

I live in Cape Town, delivery was prompt. Produce was awesome. The butter so tasty and the eggs oh so yum.

The chicken also fantastic.

Looking forward to placing my next order. I am hoping to get a few people on board to help share the courier costs.

Thank you Red Barn on very happy chicken eating fan.

Ooh and the chicken wings awesome not to even start with the pastrami..

The best products and the most friendly owners.

It’s wonderful to know it’s all free range, antibiotic and hormone free!

Friendly people that are passionate about what they do.

They do REAL free range, not the pseudo free range you find in the shops. The sundowner wings are simply the best. There are other good locally produced items available at the shop.

Honey, yoghurt and butter are the best in the area.

Also try the delicious egg based grain free pasta they sell at the store. They also deliver.

We had a wonderful morning with our home school group at Red Barn Farm this week.

Thanks so much to the team for making us feel so welcome and for the very informative tour. I have never seen so many happy chickens in one place!

Still the best chickens and eggs

(whatever was first, I do not want to start a new discussion!) with the friendliest staff!
Love it!

A happy chicken is a tasty chicken!!

More farmers should let their chickens roam around as they wish like you do!!

Lovely products, lovely people. The only pork I can eat with a clear conscience.

Absolutely LOVE their chicken sausages, all their products are tasty!

Without reservation, your products are excellent quality always and your staff friendly and helpful.

Its great for us to have products like yours available.

I had some of your chicken tonight for the first time, WOW WOW WOW!

It was the best chicken I’ve ever had! You can taste that it came from a healthy farm!

Well done guys, may you grow from strength to strength! Will definitely pop in next time I’m up there! Xx

Best eggs and best chickens!

Truly free range and great people!

Red Barn have the most amazing healthy chickens and a beautiful farm.

But, you must see for yourself!

The first time I was aware of you was when I went to the Strawberry farm because of the sign and then I could NOT find you from that side.

But, I persevered and ended up from the airport side, much easier, and stocked up from then on about once a month or so.

I passed you on to many of my friends and we are all most impressed  not only with the delicious taste of the chicken but also of your ever soooooo friendly service.

Keep it up and good luck with what ever you do, you got a happy knack to succeed. Have a wonderful day!

Finally, I found the best free range farm food! For this reason, I order every month. In addition, I have told all my friends about Red Barn.

Red Barn sources our broiler day old chicks in Mossel Bay and sometimes in Cape Town.

The chicks are brought to us (or our growers) only a few hours after being hatched.  We believe it is important that chickens are not stressed in any way, so we prefer not to transport them longer distances. Also, it is very important to us to source locally wherever possible.

Meat chickens are grown for eight to ten weeks.

Baby chicks are kept warm and under lights for the first three weeks and then slowly let outside to enjoy the sunshine.  They are kept in small batches so they always have plenty of space and can go outside at any time.

Contact Red Barn Free Range farm by phone

(044 876 0014  Cell: 081 258 1725) or email.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our products.

Above all, please note: We do not sell any live chickens, not laying hens or day olds, because that is not our business! 🙂

Red Barn Free Range Chicken Farm

Finally, join the RED BARN FARM Family – change to FREE RANGE – enjoy your food even more!