Red Barn News and Specials, Just before Christmas 2018



-Lindy Gordon-Brown

Christmas is here, Hello to you all!

It’s Christmas, FAMILY time and I am feeling it, as am sure you all are. I was a privileged guest at my YOUNGEST granddaughters christening and birthday .. GREEK style in JHB over the weekend it was just WOW! Unforgettable memories.

All my grandchildren live overseas, so sad, but, it is what it is! I miss my far away family, but as MY grandmother always said to me, just close your eyes and say  “HANDS ACROSS THE SEA” It has stayed with me forever. LONG, before any internet, I could feel so happy, by just closing my eyes and saying hands across the sea. MAGIC?

This week our shop was full of happy families and lots of children all in the Christmas spirit! Our dogs were a big hit, they are SO used to the attention and they know what to do with children.. just play and smile, roll over, get a tickle, and wait in anticipation for another small human to play with!

Thank you for supporting my family, hopefully, we will continue to support YOUR family by sending you the very best farm food for many years to come.

Happy Christmas.

Lindy and the Red Barn Team