Red Barn News and Specials – Mince it up!

Hello to you all!

Glorius summer days! Chilly but beautiful. The farm looks so stunning, it is a joy to wake up and look outside.

This week we are featuring our different MINCED MEATS. We have Chicken mince, Beef Mince and Pork mince all on special.

Mince is always my “go to” when I can’t think of what to cook.  Sometimes I mix two different types of meat together.

Like Chicken and Pork mince.

It makes for something totally different. Try this:

Chicken and Pork Katleti (Russian meat patties)

We have also put some of


delicious, homemade goodies on special.  I love promoting their goods because they are really special people making wonderful things with great love and care!

Wishing you all a perfect week!
Cheers for now!

Lindy & the team.

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free-range minced meat

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