Red Barn News and Specials Jan 2019 – Support farms not factories! 🐔

Hello Everyone! (on a serious note)

Local is Lekker! Today, the need for a sustainable future for farming is greater than ever!

The impact of industrial farming on the environment and animal welfare, on landscapes and wildlife, on food quality, human health, and on the cultural fabric of the nation is all too apparent.

Presently, food travels too far from the field to the kitchen, in too much packaging, polluting the environment and wasting energy. More and more people are switching to buying locally produced food. (why would anyone support a National Chain or Factory Shop, if you can spend your money locally and get the very best quality?)

YOU ARE a local supporter! THANK YOU.

When you buy from Red Barn you are supporting at least
10 local farms and businesses!

Benefits of supporting local farmers!

Social benefits

  • Local distinctiveness and a sense of belonging;
  • Opportunities for more diverse employment within the community;
  • Well informed consumers, who KNOW where their food comes from, spread the word to others.

Environmental benefits

  • Reduction in pollution from food transport;
  • Increased diversity of landscape and wildlife;
  • A reduction in the risk of pollution from chemicals
  • Understanding and support for distinctive local landscapes.

Health benefits

  • Improved access to fresh, less processed, affordable food;
  • Less transportation of animals;
  • Improved nutrient levels in food;
  • Reduction of potential risk from agricultural additives
  • Opportunities to involve people in healthier eating activities.

Economic benefits

  • Retains money in the local economy;
  • Ensures income goes to the producer, not the chain store;
  • Reverses the decline of rural services by paying local taxes;
  • Increasing local, sustainable enterprises and job creation.

Supporting Local Farmers brings people and communities together.

Thank you all once again, you are precious to us!

Lindy & the team at Red Barn

This week’s Local News and specials are online here: Check it out.

Just a few of our specials this week!

local red barn chicken