Red Barn News and Specials for the week! Flat, rolled, sliced, diced, minced. How do you like your chicken? 🐔🐔

chicken pieces

Hello to you all!

Everyone has their favourite cut of chicken! In the very beginning, I clearly remember us learning how to do the 5 basic cuts as quickly as possible, with a knife!  Yes, we were slow, but we persevered until we upgraded to a sharp spinning blade!

One of my very best chicken cuts is Spatchcocked.  What a strange word. Where did it come from?

This wacky term comes from Ireland and may be an abbreviation of

“Dispatch the cock”

a phrase which the Irish apparently threw around in the 18th century when they needed to whip up a quick and simple chicken dinner.  Basically, spatchcocking means the same thing as butterflying, but it’s just more fun to say.

I love “FLATTIES” because they are so easy to cook!  In the oven or on a braai or Weber, they cook quickly and evenly.

Enjoy one of our Butterflied Flatties, plain or spiced at a special price this week!

Cheers for now,
Lindy and the Red Barn Team


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