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count your chickens before they hatch?

Hello to you all!

To have a positive attitude the experts tell you to Dream it, Visualise it, Commit to it and you’ll be able to Realise it.

Positivity can change your life. Even if your choices of action are limited, your choices regarding your attitude are not.

So, I try to be positive all the time, so positive, in fact, that recently I said to a wonderful couple who buy our fertilized eggs to hatch, “I am positive that they are all fertile”

Well, it turns out that the eggs were not all fertile! I was intrigued as to why only the brown eggs from the red hens were all fertile, but the whiter eggs from the Boschvelders were not.

Remember, we rescued the Red Hens recently? They are the friendliest chickens ever and so easy to catch, unlike their speckled Boschveld sisters who are totally WILD.

Guess what I saw when I sat in the field observing the roosters do their thing? They also learned that the Red Ladies were easy to catch, so why spend energy chasing the speckled runners!

Haha – I was definitely counting my chickens before they hatched.

Enjoy the Specials this week.
Stay Positive,
Lindy and the Team at Red Barn

** not often honey is on special, there will be a shortage again soon, so stock up!


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