Red Barn Free Range Farm – News and Specials 2nd, Nov 2018

fire red barn

Fire is always so scary!

Hello to you all!

There has been a huge fire on our Outeniqua Mountain since last Thursday.  We just got news that Blanco area is being evacuated.  It is sizzling HOT and the wind has now picked up again.

It’s always scary on a farm when fires are nearby. To evacuate or protect our animals, would be a huge task. However, we have a plan in place should we need to do so.

The smoke is heavy over the farm and ash is falling like rain.

I can’t help but think of all the wild animals that are suffering up there on the mountain..too sad for words.

Thank you to our brave, tireless FIREFIGHTERS!

Here is praying for a downpouring from heaven!

NEW this week – we have Kombucha for you!  A marvellous health drink in three flavours.  Find it under Juices and Drinks

Cheers, for now, Lindy and the team


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