Red Barn Free Range Farm – News and Specials 19th Oct, 2018

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True Story

Once upon a time on a Free range chicken farm in George…

A farmer found herself hiding in her kitchen.

She had closed the shop doors because she was COMPLETELY sold out of chicken.

As she watched the irritated customers come and go, she felt really bad because it was Christmas Time and everyone was looking to buy one of her Famous Huge Birds for their Christmas Lunch.

Determined never to make this mistake again the farmer spent the whole year preparing for the next Christmas! She made sure she had extra chickens and she even went one step further and told her customers that she would RESERVE chickens for them.

Every time someone ordered a Famous Huge Birds she pasted their name on a BIG BIRD to make sure no one would take it during the last minute Xmas rush.

The day before Christmas, a very stressed, beautiful, blonde lady rushed into the shop asking for one of the Famous Huge Birds.

Then, the lady hesitated, and said…..

“Do you perhaps have a chicken that didn’t have a name?” 

Cheers for now!

Keep smiling.

Lindy & the team

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