News and Specials 14th Sept, 2018


“one of nature’s most fragile things,
but just look what they can do when they stick together”

Good Day to you all!

Well, Filip and I chose quite a day to deliver in Plett and Knysna last week. It was absolutely pouring and freezing cold, but it was great to see some of you. Hats off to Gibson for doing such a great job at delivering each week. Well, by now, you are all thawing out, I hope.

It’s that time of year when our young hens start laying eggs. These pullets have been carefully reared by us for more than 5 months, now it is time for them to start earning their keep. It would be great if you could try some of their eggs? I promise you, they are the tastiest eggs you will ever eat. (Pullet eggs are on special)

As you know, we never sell live chickens. We need to make sure that they are never, ever abused, so we prefer to cull our old layers ourselves. They are probably four years old or so, and are in GREAT demand by people who love to cook a long, slow tasty stew. These chickens have much darker meat and are full of flavor. Best to make a Coq Au Vin or some other slow recipe. We call them wild roosters, they are on special this week.

ALL our chicken sausages are also on special, so stock up now before the busy season when we often run out!

Cheers for now! Lindy & the team.