Beer can Free range chicken braai


Yes, we know, you make a wicked Beer-Can Chicken and you’re pretty set in your ways. That’s cool, we trust you, but it never hurts to have some input from one of South Africa’s leading culinary minds.

Sure, it’s been a long time since the idea of enjoying Beer-Can Chicken on the braai was thought of as a novel or exciting recipe. However, every great recipe can be reinvented – if the right people do the reinventing.

In this case, the combination of Peter Goffe-Wood and Weber Braais is just what is needed for this one to step it up to another level.

Here’s how you can get that Peter Goffe-Wood flavour on your Weber the next time you decide to tackle this treat.


1 whole free-range chicken
1 X Can of Castle Milk Stout
1 X Kilo of sweet potatoes ( Just wrap them in foil, and pop them onto the coals as per the usual method )
1 X table spoon of corn starch
Salt and pepper to taste


Using your Weber, make sure your using the INDIRECT cooking method. Coals must be separated and stacked up on either side of the Weber , heating the food from all angles.

Once the temperature is right and the coals are at the desired colour, open up the can of beer and insert it into the cavity of your chicken. You know which one we mean…

Season the outside of your chicken with salt and pepper and place your bird, upright, onto a roasting tray.

Then pop the tray into the middle of the Weber, and close the lid of your grill. Leave it to cook for around 45 minutes to an hour, until it’s crispy and golden on the outside.

Cook your sweet potatoes on the grill by placing them on the coals toward the last 15 minutes of the chicken’s cooking time.

Now for the Peter Goffe-Wood Twist:

Once you’ve removed your chicken and sweet potatoes, take all the juices and fat that have collected in the bottom of the roasting tray and pour that into a pot. Then, pour the contents of the can of the hot milk stout beer into the same pot, adding a spoon of corn starch to the mix.

Heat up the mixture gently on the stove, stirring constantly, until the mixture of juices, fat, beer and starch thickens up. This makes the most gorgeous, savoury, creamy gravy you’re ever going to come across.

Pour it over your chicken and potatoes and voila, you’re in for a real tasty treat.

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