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Free Range pet food on special

Pet week, Free Range pet food on special!

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Hello to you all…

We have such a huge pet following, I thought it was time to say THANK YOU by giving you a special on our Chicken Pet mince.

Our Chicken pet mince is made up of chicken carcasses, liver, gizzards & necks. You can serve it raw or cook it with rice and veggies. 500g flat bags.

For humans, we have put all our sausages on special this week. There are lots to choose from.

The Ready Made Meals are a HUGE hit with our customers, so we have added a 1kg Chicken and Broccoli Bake, and a Beef pie 500g, plus a Chicken Pie 500g

The NEW FARM SHOP, gets underway this week with the steel structure and roof expected to be completed by early next week. Then, the hard work will begin.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

Cheers for now! Lindy & the team.

Free range Pet Food


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