Red Barn News and Specials – Nothing like a great sausage ๐Ÿ˜

free range chicken sausage

Hello Everyone!

Often, sausages are associated with, SCRAPS, floor-sweepings, leftovers and much, much worse! I grew up loving Vienna’s (as we all did!) I now know how those things are made. Eish, scary.

So the sausage, through the ages, got a deservedly bad rap. You can hide a lot of yukkie stuff in sausage and make it taste AWESOME.

Because “this little sausage”, ME, loves sausages, Red Barn now makes sausages from the best and most expensive part of the chicken, the BREAST fillet ONLY.

My next all-time, standby, favorite is, of course, our Chicken Burgers. Also made with Breast Fillets.

You have put your trust in us and we are so grateful. Burgers and Sausages on special this week.

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