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Hello Everyone!

I’m BACK from a glorious break with my family!  The only thing that went wrong was Thomas Cook going under. It was a mad panic to try and replan our holiday (for 9 people) in one day.  Everything turned out even better than originally planned. We ended up at a 5-star resort in Sardinia, Italy.

While I was away Jenny found some NEW products. This week we have introduced Soga Organics.  Frozen Organic Grapefruit and Orange Juice plus my favourite, LEMON juice sachets.

Each Lemon Juice sachet contains the juice of one lemon.  There are 24 in a packet. They are super easy to use, just remove from the freezer, warm in your hands and use. Never be without lemon juice again. I love them!

Also on special, Milkwood’s fantastic Greek Yoghurt and Labneh (cream-cheese)

BIG SAVINGS on our juicy drumsticks see HERE

It’s great to be home!

Have a wonderful week.
Lindy & the team at Red Barn


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