Red Barn News and New things – Ready made meals ⭐⭐⭐

Hello to you all!

Last week we had a Huge special so, as promised, this week we are introducing our new supplier, Hetta’s foods.

This is how it happened, really. Philip Muller, our neighbour who makes our dairy products, said: “I have set up a meeting for you with JOHAN”. Ok says me, who is Johan? Then he explained and I totally GOT IT, why Hetta’s Foods should be included in our range!

After meeting JOHAN, I was SOLD. He is just the kind of supplier I can TRUST to make our customers the FINEST, ready to cook dishes, from free-range, ethically sourced ingredients. This is a very typical example of how Red Barn, just kinda fell into new, absolutely amazing products. Word of mouth and Trust in our fellow farmers and artisanal businesses.

We gave Johan some 4 kg plus chickens and said “go make us some GREAT MEALS”

“Based in George, Hetta’s Home Foods (named after his grandmother) is operated by the owner Johan de Jager. He is passionate about cooking and felt the need to create wholesome affordable, Free range ready cooked meals. The greatest care is taken to source the best and freshest local produce. In addition to using free-range meat in all their dishes, they use stone ground flour to make their own pastry and pasta, and dairy straight from the farm. No preservatives, MSG or colourants. Cook straight from frozen!”

You are going to LOVE It!

Cheers for now,
Lindy and the Red Barn Team

*PS if you know of any great, locally produced products that you think we should add to our range, please let us know!

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