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Free range small eggs

Jamie Oliver on Pullet Eggs

"The supermarkets may not want them, but I reckon farmers could find a market for their huge volume of pullet eggs by selling them to restaurants and pubs.” Producing eggs is a family tradition at Mac’s Farm, where the produce is…
black friday red barn

Black-Friday “bogof – buy one get one FREE!”

{Black-Friday} "bogof - buy one get one FREE!" Hello to you all... You all know what Black Friday is, but do you know what BOGOF is? No, I'm not swearing at you. It's our.. BUY ONE GET ONE FREE SALE! Just order any SALE items,…
pullet eggs

The tastiest eggs EVER!

Every spring, Red Barn collects small eggs from the nests of pullets, or young hens. Due to their size (and outstanding flavor!), pullet eggs often only make it to my kitchen! I just love them..  For a short time only, Red Barn is selling…
Red Barn Sauces Spices

Red Barn News/Specials 16th Nov 2018

Hello Everyone! No one likes bland food, so lets spice it up this week with all our sauces and spices on special! We have something for everyone, from salty, to HOT, to just plain lekker sauces, spices and salts.  OF COURSE they are all…
Lest we forget our heroes

Red Barn News & Special Offers – 11th Nov, 2018

There are not many things that I am afraid of, but FIRE and WAR leave me terrified! We have been under threat from fire for more than 10 days now. People have lost their lives and their property.  It has been a very unsettling time indeed. ONE…
fire red barn

Red Barn Free Range Farm – News and Specials 2nd, Nov 2018

Fire is always so scary! Hello to you all! There has been a huge fire on our Outeniqua Mountain since last Thursday.  We just got news that Blanco area is being evacuated.  It is sizzling HOT and the wind has now picked up again. It's…
red barn time flies

News and Specials 26th Oct, 2018

Hello to you all. My, how time flies! Can you believe that there are only 63 days left to Christmas? I actually saw shops putting up decorations already! I will be entering my 63 year on the 27th and as I look back on my 8 year journey with…
true story red barn farm

Red Barn Free Range Farm – News and Specials 19th Oct, 2018

True Story Once upon a time on a Free range chicken farm in George... A farmer found herself hiding in her kitchen. She had closed the shop doors because she was COMPLETELY sold out of chicken. As she watched the irritated customers…
roast chicken

How to roast a chicken from frozen!

Roast a Chicken from frozen Ingredients: 1-4 lb. frozen chicken 1/2 lemon (optional) 1/2 small onion (optional) 2 sprigs fresh rosemary (optional) 2 sprigs fresh thyme (optional) 1 Tbsp. olive oil 1/2 tsp. coarse salt 1/4 tsp. coarse…
Goat milk cheese

News and Specials 7th Oct, 2018

{Get-Your-GOAT!} "make you annoyed or angry, aka pissed off" Hello everyone! The goat is a metaphor for your state of peacefulness. When your goat is with you, you are calm and collected. When your goat is stolen, you become angry…

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