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Henergizing the Elderly

Where will you live, should you move to a smaller house, will you have enough money, where should you invest it, should you stay with your children, should you go to an old age home, is this country safe..? These are the worries of the…

A COP is not what you think it is 🔥

Hello to you all! What does COP26 stand for? The conference is officially called the United Nations Climate Change Conference Of the Parties, and this is the 26th iteration. Since the full name is something of a mouthful, it is shortened…

Red Barn News & Specials – Don’t worry be happy 🎵😊

Hello to you all! Have you ever had a song stuck in your head? Well, I have had "Don't Worry Be Happy", Stuck in my head since early this morning! So now I want to "infect you" with some happiness (*Warning* there is no vax for this) Click…

Braai Day is on Friday – New Online Checkout 🥩🛒

Hello to you all! It's our Heritage - to Braai and Braai and braai some more. There is just nothing better than the smell of meat on the fire. 🔥 This Friday is Our Special Heritage Day. It is the day that South Africans celebrate…

Red Barn News and Specials – Nothing like a great sausage 😍

Hello Everyone! Often, sausages are associated with, SCRAPS, floor-sweepings, leftovers and much, much worse! I grew up loving Vienna's (as we all did!) I now know how those things are made. Eish, scary. So the sausage, through the…
Free range chicken red barn farm

Red Barn News & Specials -Are you ready for 2020?

Hello to you all! As we go into this NEW Year, just bear with me for a second, because I am feeling so many wonderful emotions! I have been writing to you for nearly 9 years now, EVERY week! So I am indulging myself.It is the time to reminisce,…
loadshedding Red Barn

Red Barn News And Special Offers – 🎄🎄🎄

Hello Everyone! What a great idea, *giggle* We can get all "Christmassy" with homemade egg candles while we endure yet more load-shedding. It is SO unfortunate that load-shedding has returned as the tourists arrive in our beautiful…

Red Barn News And Specials – Season for giving

Hello to you all! Plett, Knysna, Wilderness and in between as usual Every FRIDAY. Last deliveries to CT on 19th Dec resume on 7th Jan Last delivery to PE 17th Dec resumes on 7th Jan THE FARM SHOP IS OPEN except for public holidays THE ONLINE…
Red Barn Black Friday Specials

Red Barn News and Black Friday Specials

Hello Everyone! Black Friday is here We are extending our specials from this Monday 25th to Monday 2nd December - While stocks last! Hopefully this will allow you ALL to take advantage of these crazy prices. Stock up NOW for…
red barn farm halloween

Red Barn News and Specials – Happy Halloween

Hello Everyone! Here in South Africa we are not too involved with Halloween it seems. In Canada and London, where my grandchildren live, it is a huge thing.  I have been hearing about their outfits for weeks! I suppose it is fun to…

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