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Red Barn Farm – what is free range?

Free-Range, Pasture Fed, organic, humanely grown, grain fed (beware grain fed is probably a battery caged chicken). These are just some of the terms used by farmers to sell their chickens. 

What is best for you?

Organic Chicken

This would obviously best – but hugely expensive due to a lack of organic grain supplies. As far as I know there is no organically certified chicken in South Africa!

Free Range 

Often this means they live in a very large chicken house. They are on the floor and not in cages and are allowed to go outside into the sunshine for a little each day.

Pasture Fed

The chickens are free to feed naturally. They do get grain but they also roam on pasture.

Grain fed

This can mean anything!  They eat grain which can be natural or in a pre-made feed, so it means nothing really.

Our chickens are not certified organic, but they are completely free to roam on pasture. (Pasture fed chicken) They definitely eat whole grains, goggo’s and seeds, just like chickens should! 

At least you KNOW that the food you are eating from Red Barn Farm is grown humanely and with care!

Enjoy our pictures!

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Red Barn Farm is a small family business that supports the humane treatment of all farm animals.  Supporting local farmers and artisans is our passion.  We have over 200 products online and in our store.

Our clients are true farm fresh quality connoisseurs. We do not use brine or routine antibiotics and our chickens are allowed to grow slowly.

We deliver directly from our farm to your home on the Garden Route.

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Also, try our free range eggs mostly laid by our Boschveld Indigenous hens. (we have a few other chicken breeds too).

Red Barn Farm’s Free range eggs contain about half as much cholesterol, are twice as rich in Vitamin E, up to six times richer in beta carotene. They are a whopping four times higher in essential omega-3 fatty acids!

Taste the difference for yourself!

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